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Quality Assurance

We are not your regular Inspection company, where they come and pass or reject the order on the final day. We make sure order does not fail the final day.

How do we do that ? We get involved in the entire value chain and control:

  1. Right Cotton is purchased ( Staple length, region, IPIs )
  2. Right Spinning technology is used ( Open end / Ring Spun )
  3. Right chemicals and outes are used for back process / Printing / Dyeng / Finishing.
  4. Right Fabric is delivered into stitching
  5. Right Product is stitched

We place checks and controls at each and every step of the value chain, enabling us to not only control the quality but manage time effectively aswell which helps in decision making and timely deliveries.

General Challenges being face by customers:
  1. Communication is key: Factories tend to hide problems or exact situation simply out of fear of consequences. Delay in receiving the right information at the right time, creates bigger problems then it should have been in the first place. Through process controls and effective follow-up processes, we make sure you get the correct details at the right time.
  2. Planning: A lot of agencies claim that they take over planning of the factory, this is not correct and cannot be done. We help our factories in devising a practical plan according to customers required date and then monitor practical application and its results. Our planning tools are effective and result oriented.
  3. Production: We monitor each and every stage of the value change to ensure correct goods are made, the first time.
  4. We closely work with shipping companies and forwarder to ensure availability of space, monitoring shipping schedules and meeting exmill time lines.

HONESTLY……. Does not help being simply a policeman. We engage with the people controlling different parts of the process, guide them and help them in making the work flow smooth, transparent and effective.